Mr.Matsuoka's Speech in Geneva in 1932


Here is Mr.Matsuoka's speech in Geneva December 8, 1932.
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" I ask you to use a little imagination. How would you have acted if you had been Japan? " (Mr.Matsuoka)

" In a word, Japan is today faced with an appalling situation throughout Eastern Asia, and fighting single-handed to save the Far East-not to start war in the Far East." (Mr.Matsuoka)

"Can you not at least suspect-unless you presume that we all went mad-that there must have been some good reason for the sixty-five million poeple to unite as one man in backing up these actions? (Mr.Matsuoka)

"A few years afterwards came the Russo-Japanese War. The greatest cause of this war was the secret alliance treaty concluded between China and Russia. We learned of it at the Washington Conference, to our great surprise. As we all know now, they very skilfully hid it from us and we didn't know that secret alliance treaty against Japan, under the terms of which Russia was offered every facility to make her way down to the southern extremity of Manchuria. Again, I am afraid, there would have been no Manchuria, perhaps no China, today, if Japan had not had the courage and strength to fight Russia." (Mr.Matsuoka)

(「松岡洋右 悲劇の外交官(上)」豊田穣著 P.319-320)

Also I will let you listen to another speech of Mr. Matsuoka.
The SAYONARA speech made in San Francisco, April 12, 1933.
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You started your relations with my country eighty years ago-when Commodore Perry came to Japan and summoned us to open the doors of our hermit kingdom-with good will for and faith and vision in Japan.
Will you still persist in that?
Has Japan done anything to disappoint you?(Mr.Matsuoka)

Compared with China, my country is a small one. Compared with the United States, it is not rich. But I am proud to say it is not poor in a spiritual sense.
In spite of our limited resources, we are going ahead with courage and confidence in this period of world-wide depression.(Mr.Matsuoka)

Let the banner of the Rising Sun and that of the Stars and Stripes be forever the emblems of peace on the Pacific, with the nations under them marching in confidence and friendship towards the common goal of peace and human happiness. (Mr.Matsuoka)


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