Fascism vs Communismの誤思考 (2)

Monroe & Montand

・・・・・(2)Yves Montand & Communism ・・・・・

最も有名なシャンソン「枯葉」の歌手として、Edith Piafのツバメ?として、そしてMarilyn Monroe の熱愛のお相手として(写真上)Yves Montandの名を知らない日本人はそう多くはいないだろう。が彼が熱心な共産主義者であったことは日本ではあまり知られていない。
Yves Montand : Bio 1
For most of his life he was known as a supporter of left-wing causes.....
His father was involved with the Communist Party, and in May 1924 the family was forced to move to France to escape political persecution from the Fascists led by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini......
he also found time in 1956-1957 to tour the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, a trip that began to open his eyes about totalitarianism.....
Yves Montand : Bio 2
Montand, who came from a fiercely Communist family, would go on to support the French Communist Party, he and Simone Signoret signing numerous petitions on its behalf.....
In the autumn of 1956, Montand was preparing to set off on an extensive tour of the USSR. But when the Russians sent their tanks rolling into Budapest on 24 October Montand, like a number of other French artists and intellectuals with Communist leanings, was faced with a huge dilemma. Montand’s conscience was torn in two. He certainly did not support the action of the Soviet government, but nor was he ready to make a political break from the Communist party and his own family.....
During his stay in the Russian capital Montand was invited to meet President Kruchtchev and the pair became involved in a heated debate about the Soviet invasion of Budapest. Their violent head-to-head confrontation lasted a full four hours, with neither side giving in. ...
When he returned to France Montand took care to play down his political opinions, distancing himself from the French Communist Party.....
Yves Montand : Bio 3
In 1950, he signed a partition against the atom bomb and he became a prominent member of the French communist party.....
By this time, he was becoming disillusioned by political activism and, after his father’s death in Octiber 1968, he severed all ties with the Communist Party.....
Yves Montand : Bio 4
Yves Mpntand : Bio 5
Miss Signoret drew Mr. Montand into the intense Parisian world of leftist politics and, though he never formally joined the French Communist Party, he cheerfully described himself as a fellow traveler. Indeed, shortly after the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, the couple made a much-publicized -- and highly-criticized -- tour of the Soviet Union. ...
By the mid-1960's, when he starred in Alain Resnais's "La Guerre Est Finie" ("The War Is Over") about a disillusioned veteran of the Spanish civil war, his own political disillusionment was growing. After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, he turned away from what he saw as the ever-Stalinist French left.

参照:Claude Vinci : Music Cross Talk
危険人物とみなされ、友もなくしたClaude Vinci、祖国を裏切った政治的脱走兵のClaude Vinciが最後に頼っていけたのはYves Montand夫婦だった。このことからもYves Montandの政治的信念の?強さが分かるだろう。

スペイン人のピカソにとってのFrancoはイタリア人のモンタンにとってのBenito Mussoliniだった。その実体験がふたりをFascism vs Communismの誤思考に導いた。二人は正義感と人類愛に燃えてソ連のCommunismの言わば巨大広告塔となって大いにfellow travelerの役割を果たす。だが1956のハンガリー動乱の際に決行したソ連ツアーがモンタンを変えた。大きな幻滅を与えたのだ。そして1968年、チェコ動乱とイタリア人で熱心な反Fascist,つまりCommunistだった父親の死と共に、これまでの政治的立場を完全に捨て去った。1968年のParisで多くの人たちと逆行する決断を下せたのは、これだけの大きな影響力を発揮できる人物の中ではモンタンをおいて他にいなかった。これまでのほとんどすべての友人達と、思想の面で話し辛く会い辛くなってしまうのだ。モンタンは正義感や人類愛を捨てたのではない。フランス思想界全体を支配していた心情的親ソ反体制思考の奥に潜む、幽霊のような、実在しない筈のコミンテルンの指令の影を見抜いたのだ。マルクスから毛沢東に乗り換えて’68年、毛と並ぶ学生運動期のスターであったSartreと対比すると、Montandの人間としての安定した知性が光る。Montandは大きな人工的な時代の風の源に自ら気づいた数少ないシャンソン歌手であり、映画俳優である。しかし日本に於いて、フランスに於いて、Yves Montandがこの視点で評価されたことは未だかつてない。マスコミが歪に発達した社会に於いては、洞察力がなく、かつ常に保身に汲々とする者ほど、情報を情報売価でしか評価・選択・発信出来なくなるからだ。

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