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The United Nations : 国際連合の成立過程
This and similar official records reveal that the following men were key government figures in UN planning within the U.S. State Department and Treasury Department: Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Virginius Frank Coe, Dean Acheson, Noel Field, Laurence Duggan, Henry Julian Wadleigh, John Carter Vincent, David Weintraub, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Harold Glasser, Victor Perlo, Irving Kaplan, Solomon Adler, Abraham George Silverman, William L. Ullman and William H. Taylor. With the single exception of Dean Acheson, all of these men have since been identified in sworn testimony as secret Communist agents!
アメリカ合衆国、国務省、財務省にいた人材の中で国際連合構築計画に参加した人物の名前を太文字にした。列挙した名前の中でDean Acheson一名を除くすべてが後にコミュニストのスパイだと判明している!(そのうち時間があるときに一人一人を詳しく検証してみたいと思っている。)
The United Nations' 60th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco on June 25, 2005
San Francisco 1945 The United Nations
The photo exhibit started to become unnerving halfway through. In this picture, Alger Hiss -- who was Secretary General of the founding charter conference -- presides over the founding of the United Nations. Why unnerving? Because we now know that Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy before and during the founding of the U.N., and that he was working to promote the global Communist movement. Hmmmm. むべなるかな。正体が見えてしまったんですよ。誰かのこんなセリフ「I don't think that now is the time for celebrating the UN. It is time to talk about either disbanding the UN or radically reforming it.」傾聴に価します。日本人の耳にも届けばいいんだけれど。

he was well aware that the U.N. Charter had been drawn up by the Communists, pro-Communists, Socialists and the like. He knew the Charter did not guarantee protection of private property, nor religious freedom, and in fact under the United Nations there is no God. Senator McCarthy suggested that we give Red China our seat in the United Nations, and that would get us out from under the jurisdiction of that dangerous organization."
参照:MaCcarthyのAlger Hiss観:元ペイジ
Hiss sat behind President Franklin Roosevelt at his Yalta meeting with Stalin and managed the conferences that created the United Nations.
参照McCarthy was essentially right
参照THE TRUE HISTORY OF A GREAT PATRIOT: The Late Senator Joseph R McCarthy, by Mrs Larry Lawrence Lent, his secretary:納得させられる話だった。説得力があるし、内情が良くわかる。MaCcarthyの秘書だったMrs Larry Lawrence Lentの発言だからか、もやもやとしていた部分が明らかになった。MaCcarthyがあの時期に登場しなかったら、無自覚のままアメリカはその他の多くの国々のように赤化していたかもしれない。
要点2:ドイツの半分、ベルリンの半分のみならず、それまで独立国だった国々(Poland , Romania , Czechoslovakia, Lithuania , Latvia等など)をソ連の支配下におくことで平和が保たれると、スターリンに言いくるめられていた。(スパイ達またはPinko達に中枢部が洗脳されていた!)正気の沙汰とは思えない。

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