22 September 2009 Special Event: United Nations
Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister of Japan.
10分間を再現する: 鳩山氏の国連デビュー 原稿を読む
上の文にある「新手のマーシャルプラン」とは教科書に書いてあるそれとは解釈が違う。このことに関してはTel Quel Japonの過去記事を参照されたい。

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Joseph Stilwell

Joseph Stilwell : Wikipedia
Joseph Stilwell’s Escape from Burma
ビルマの戦い :
Gen. Joseph "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell :
Stilwell Road; Chinese Flee Jap Terror: to watch
The Stilwell road :
All about Joseph Stilwell :

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James Forrestal (5) Japan & (Journalists)

James ForrestalーJapan-1

He, along with Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Under Secretary of State Joseph Grew, in the early months of 1945, strongly advocated a softer policy toward Japan that would permit a negotiated face-saving surrender. His primary concern was "the menace of Russian Communism and its attraction for decimated, destabilized societies in Europe and Asia," and, therefore, keeping the Soviet Union out of the war with Japan. Had his advice been followed, Japan might well have surrendered before August 1945, precluding the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki [1]. So strongly did he feel about this matter that he cultivated negotiation attempts that bordered closely on insubordination toward the President. [1]

As a person who prized anonymity and once stated that his hobby was "obscurity", he and his policies had been the constant target of vicious personal attacks from columnists, including Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell.Pearson's protege, Jack Anderson, later asserted that Pearson "hectored Forrestal with innuendos and false accusations."

参照 : Walter Winchell の声を聴く。
参照 : Charlie Roseの番組の2番目でNeal Gablerが自作のWalter Winchellに関する書物について語る場面
参照 : TV出演中のWalter Winchell :
参照 : Jack Anderson : McCarthyを裏切った男

Anderson grew close to Joseph McCarthy, and the two exchanged information from sources,[citation needed] but when Pearson went after McCarthy, Anderson reluctantly followed at first, then actively assisted with the eventual downfall of his one-time friend.

参照 : Jack Anderson:

参照 : Drew Pearson:

Pearson unrelentingly continued his attacks on Forrestal in his columns and radio broadcasts, openly berating Truman for not firing Forrestal.[11] President Truman asked for Forrestal's resignation, replacing him with an administration insider, Louis A. Johnson. Forrestal's removal and Johnson's appointment would have serious consequences in coming years with the sudden outbreak of the Korean War.

参照 : Drew Pearson-1 :
参照 : Drew Pearson-2:
参照 : Drew Pearson-3
参照 : Drew Pearson : Biography

James Forrestal-Japan-2

At that point Forrestal suggested a compromise: The United States should send a reply that reaffirmed the Potsdam demands while neither rejecting the Japanese offer nor discouraging hope that the emperor could remain. Byrnes, aided by his special assistant, Benjamin Cohen, was given primary responsibility for drafting a reply, though Forrestal, Leahy, Stimson, and Truman himself all lent a hand, as did Undersecretary Grew. Grew had not been at the White House meeting, but he was the government’s highest-ranking expert on Japan and had always stressed the crucial role of the emperor in any surrender scheme. Now “Grew, mastering his personal pride, opened the door between his office and Byrnes’ and said, ‘Mr. Secretary, if you are working on the Japanese note I believe I and some others could be helpful.’ ” Byrnes agreed.

参照 : 終戦交渉をしていた日米 : 不必要だった原爆
The Death of James Forrestal : 復習
James Forrestal : 分析
James Forrestal :Official Funeral 22-25 May 1949: 復習
James Forrestal :資料室内-1:
Jemes Forrestal :資料室内-2

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James Forrestal (11) Operation Highjump

Operation Highjump : Wikipeddia
The Secret Land:Video 1:09:36

In 1947 Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sent a naval task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called "Operation Highjump". It was touted to be an expedition to find "coal deposits" and other valuable resources, but in actuality they were trying to find the underground base of the nazis (aryans) in Neuschwabenlandt....
The nazis had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and were alleged to have built an underground base there. In this regard however, the aryans have had an underground under the ice habitation in Antarctic for more than a million years. The task force of OVER 40 SHIPS, included the flagship "Mount Olympus", the aircraft carrier "Philipine Sea", the seaplane tender "Pine Sea", the submarine "Senate", the destroyer "Bronson", the ice breaker "Northwind", and other tanker and supply ships. An armed contingent of 1400 sailors, and three dog sled teams were also on board....
The expedition was filmed by the Navy and brought to Hollywood to be made into a commercial film called "The Secret Land". It was narrated by Hollywood actor Robert Montgomery (Naval reserve Officer) . There were three divisions of Operation High Jump: one land group with tractors, explosives, and plenty of equipment to refurbish "Little America", and make an airstrip to land the six R-4D's (DC-3's), and two seaplane groups. The R4-D's were fitted with jet-assist takeoff bottles (JATO) in order to takeoff from the short runway of the aircraft carrier "Philipine Sea". They also were fitted with large skis for landing on the ice field prepared for them. The skis were specially fitted at three inches above the surface of the carrier deck. When landing on the ice at "Little America" the three inches of tire in contact with the snow and ice provided just enough and not too much drag for a smooth landing. Admiral Byrd's team of six R4-D's were fitted with the super secret "Trimetricon" spy cameras and each plane was trailing a magnetometer. They flew over as much of the continent as they could in the short three month "summer" period, mapping and recording magnetic data. Magnetometers show anomalies in the Earth's magnetism, i.e. if there is a "hollow" place under the surface ice or ground, it will show up on the meter. On the last of many "mapping" flights where all six planes went out, each on certain pre-ordained paths to film and "measure" with magnetometers, Admiral Byrd's plane returned THREE HOURS LATE. It was stated that he had "lost an engine" and had had to throw everything overboard except the films themselves and the results of magnetometer readings in order to maintain altitude long enough to return to Little America. This is most certainly the time when he met with representatives of the aryans and a contingent of nazis. The task force came steaming back with their data which then became classified "top secret". Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal retired and started to "talk". He was put in Bethesda Naval Hospital psychiatric ward where he was prevented from seeing or talking to anyone, including his wife! after a short while he was thrown out the window while trying to hang himself with a bedsheet. It was ruled a suicide, case closed. He was telling people about the underground aryan base.

Movies: The Secret Land:
Operation ”Highjump” & The UFO Connection !!
なんだか雑誌「ムー」の世界?or そう思うのは単なる無知?
Richard E. Byrd :
Peter Robbins - MJ12 and the Strange Death of James Forrestal :

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Agnes Meyer Driscoll

FDR Pearl Harbor Conspiracy 44:07 Video
1-Agnes Meyer Driscoll : Wikipedia

Hence, FDR knew about the Japan plan to attack Pearl Harbor since January 1941. She was never given credit for her breakthrough in order to mask America's success in learning Japanese military secret, including the "no-so-surprising" attack on Pearl Harbor in December 7th, 1941.

2-Agnes Meyer Driscoll : 頭脳
3-Agnes Meyer Driscoll : 暗号解読
4-Agnes Meyer Driscoll :

Mrs. Driscoll broke Japanese Navy manual codes -- the Red Book Code in the 1920s, the Blue Book Code in 1930, and, in 1940, she made critical inroads into JN-25, the Japanese fleet's operational code, which the U.S. Navy exploited after the attack on Pearl Harbor for the rest of the Pacific War.

1-Navy Code Breakers
1-The Battle of Midway : 詳細・戦史研究
1-Joseph Rochefort : Wikipedia

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The Battle for Iwo Jima : Radio News

The Battle for Iwo Jima : Radio News
These reports were broadcast by the Mutual Broadcasting System and give vivid aural pictures of the fierce struggle that took place on Iwo Jima.
硫黄島の戦地ラジオ報道 : あってもおかしくない音源だが、聴くと驚く。映像や写真は本国の家庭にまで直接に届きはしないが、Radio放送は遠くアメリカの茶の間に戦場をリアルに届けたのだ。

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The Institute of Pacific Relations: ゾルゲ事件の鍵でもある
視力が回復してから: 問われるIPR


Jerome Davis Greene:Wikipedia

Greene is of much greater significance in indicating the real influences within the Institute of Pacific Relations than any Communists or fellow travelers. He wrote the constitution for the lPR in 1916

The Amerasia Affair : Wikipedia

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Carroll Quigley:
Carroll Quigley: Our Tragedy and Their Hope:
Carroll Quigley Interview full
The Anglo-American Establishment : Carroll Quigley
W. Cleon Skousen
The Naked Communist & The Naked Capitalist
From "The Naked Communist," by Cleon Skousen
Cyrus S. Eaton
音声資料 5/17/57 Cyrus Eaton :
Pugwash Online:

The Soviet Art of Brain Washing:
Mind Control, Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis

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Walt Disney (2)

Walt Disney をどちらの方向から見るのも自由だが、労働運動との戦いに苦杯を舐めた経営者だというポジションをまず知っておくべきだろう。労働運動弾圧者?それとも、神経質になりすぎた被害者か?
Secret Lives_Walt Disney (1 of 6).flv
Secret Lives_Walt Disney (2 of 6).flv
Secret Lives_Walt Disney (3 of 6).flv
Secret Lives_Walt Disney (4 of 6).flv
Secret Lives_Walt Disney (5 of 6).flv
Secret Lives_Walt Disney (6 of 6).flv
ヒステリックなハリウッドの赤狩りに関して、無関係なMacCarthyの名ばかりが記憶され、火付け役のDisneyの名が完全に忘れられているのはどうしたわけだろう。絵を描けなくてもArtistとして名を残したように、漫画というカルチャーを作り出したイメージの魔術師は、自己のImage Launderingを完璧に遂行した。どの筋の協力があったのだろう。以下はヒント?
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Walt Disney

Walt Disney became a domestic spy for the Federal Bureau of Investigation starting in the early 1940s and helped usher in the infamous Hollywood Blacklist.

参照:Tel Quel Japon過去記事

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Charles A. Willoughby (3) G2

Charles Willoughby再登場:
興味深い経歴の人物だ。まだ日本ではあまり知られていないが、Charles WilloughbyはThe Kennedy Assassinationに深く関わっていると言う説がある。それらしい行動をしているし、それらしいポジションに関与している。この辺りは複雑すぎて当分は書けない。
Charles Willoughby 2
Charles Willoughby 3

He was probably correct in spotting Herbert Norman and Agnes Smedley as Soviet agents.

Charles Willoughby 4

General Willoughby, in addition to his military credentials also authored the book "The Shanghai Conspiracy." The 1952 book, is a controversial [at least at the time] look at Richard Sorge a Soviet spy, who practically singlehandedly saved Russia from at least two nightmarish situations in World War 2. One, he ostensibly provided the Soviet's with advance warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the all important addendum that Soviet Far East installations would not be attacked, and Two, that Hitler's army would invade Russia practically on the day that the invasion took place on June 22, 1941, when Hitler's armies did indeed march across the border into what would become infamous as "The Russian Front." What makes The Shanghai Conspiracy more than a book about the exploits of Richard Sorge, is the fact that Willoughby had submitted a report on the Sorge Spy Ring during World War 2(no, later: Bruxelles) and more importantly, that after the war ended the Soviet's had a large apparatus of spies and infiltrators in Washington D.C., some according to Willoughby were in prominent positions in the US State Department and elsewhere.

Reinhard Gehlen:
Wikipedia ja : Wikipedia en :

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Communism in U.S.A.

Communism in U.S.A. :


Communism in U.S.A.: James Cannon:

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