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NANKING Producer Ted Leonsis and his blog
Ted Leonsis , Invader of the True Japanese History : His happy smile tells us that he thinks only about how to entertain people and how to get people's attention. He wants to be called a good man but in reality he is just a rumormonger. I understand that it is his hobby to make a film but this hobby of this rich man as well as his disgraceful behavior is not only causing an enormous nuisance but also an extremely derogatory accusation. Ignorance makes Sin and Shame of itself.

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I Sincerely Ask You To Read All The Pages In Order Not To Be Completely Brainwashed By Those Who Have Fabricated A Lot Of Derogatory Concoctions To Disgrace Our Sacredly Brave Soldiers.

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Please watch "The Fake of NANKING 1"


A short commentary about an American Film 「Nanking」
ABC News
Please listen to and confirm the number ,which is very realistic.
What a smell it must have been, but no one could notice it at that time, WHY? The number is still too large?
According to the chinese archives, the death toll is・・・
Listen to it again. Listen to it again.

Nanking 入城 実録 Please click :You can watch many.
Today it is the 24th July I have found also this very precious You Tube. NANKING 2
TV Debate About NANKING