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James Forrestal (5) Japan & (Journalists)

James ForrestalーJapan-1

He, along with Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Under Secretary of State Joseph Grew, in the early months of 1945, strongly advocated a softer policy toward Japan that would permit a negotiated face-saving surrender. His primary concern was "the menace of Russian Communism and its attraction for decimated, destabilized societies in Europe and Asia," and, therefore, keeping the Soviet Union out of the war with Japan. Had his advice been followed, Japan might well have surrendered before August 1945, precluding the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki [1]. So strongly did he feel about this matter that he cultivated negotiation attempts that bordered closely on insubordination toward the President. [1]

As a person who prized anonymity and once stated that his hobby was "obscurity", he and his policies had been the constant target of vicious personal attacks from columnists, including Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell.Pearson's protege, Jack Anderson, later asserted that Pearson "hectored Forrestal with innuendos and false accusations."

参照 : Walter Winchell の声を聴く。
参照 : Charlie Roseの番組の2番目でNeal Gablerが自作のWalter Winchellに関する書物について語る場面
参照 : TV出演中のWalter Winchell :
参照 : Jack Anderson : McCarthyを裏切った男

Anderson grew close to Joseph McCarthy, and the two exchanged information from sources,[citation needed] but when Pearson went after McCarthy, Anderson reluctantly followed at first, then actively assisted with the eventual downfall of his one-time friend.

参照 : Jack Anderson:

参照 : Drew Pearson:

Pearson unrelentingly continued his attacks on Forrestal in his columns and radio broadcasts, openly berating Truman for not firing Forrestal.[11] President Truman asked for Forrestal's resignation, replacing him with an administration insider, Louis A. Johnson. Forrestal's removal and Johnson's appointment would have serious consequences in coming years with the sudden outbreak of the Korean War.

参照 : Drew Pearson-1 :
参照 : Drew Pearson-2:
参照 : Drew Pearson-3
参照 : Drew Pearson : Biography

James Forrestal-Japan-2

At that point Forrestal suggested a compromise: The United States should send a reply that reaffirmed the Potsdam demands while neither rejecting the Japanese offer nor discouraging hope that the emperor could remain. Byrnes, aided by his special assistant, Benjamin Cohen, was given primary responsibility for drafting a reply, though Forrestal, Leahy, Stimson, and Truman himself all lent a hand, as did Undersecretary Grew. Grew had not been at the White House meeting, but he was the government’s highest-ranking expert on Japan and had always stressed the crucial role of the emperor in any surrender scheme. Now “Grew, mastering his personal pride, opened the door between his office and Byrnes’ and said, ‘Mr. Secretary, if you are working on the Japanese note I believe I and some others could be helpful.’ ” Byrnes agreed.

参照 : 終戦交渉をしていた日米 : 不必要だった原爆
The Death of James Forrestal : 復習
James Forrestal : 分析
James Forrestal :Official Funeral 22-25 May 1949: 復習
James Forrestal :資料室内-1:
Jemes Forrestal :資料室内-2

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James Forrestal (11) Operation Highjump

Operation Highjump : Wikipeddia
The Secret Land:Video 1:09:36

In 1947 Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sent a naval task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called "Operation Highjump". It was touted to be an expedition to find "coal deposits" and other valuable resources, but in actuality they were trying to find the underground base of the nazis (aryans) in Neuschwabenlandt....
The nazis had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and were alleged to have built an underground base there. In this regard however, the aryans have had an underground under the ice habitation in Antarctic for more than a million years. The task force of OVER 40 SHIPS, included the flagship "Mount Olympus", the aircraft carrier "Philipine Sea", the seaplane tender "Pine Sea", the submarine "Senate", the destroyer "Bronson", the ice breaker "Northwind", and other tanker and supply ships. An armed contingent of 1400 sailors, and three dog sled teams were also on board....
The expedition was filmed by the Navy and brought to Hollywood to be made into a commercial film called "The Secret Land". It was narrated by Hollywood actor Robert Montgomery (Naval reserve Officer) . There were three divisions of Operation High Jump: one land group with tractors, explosives, and plenty of equipment to refurbish "Little America", and make an airstrip to land the six R-4D's (DC-3's), and two seaplane groups. The R4-D's were fitted with jet-assist takeoff bottles (JATO) in order to takeoff from the short runway of the aircraft carrier "Philipine Sea". They also were fitted with large skis for landing on the ice field prepared for them. The skis were specially fitted at three inches above the surface of the carrier deck. When landing on the ice at "Little America" the three inches of tire in contact with the snow and ice provided just enough and not too much drag for a smooth landing. Admiral Byrd's team of six R4-D's were fitted with the super secret "Trimetricon" spy cameras and each plane was trailing a magnetometer. They flew over as much of the continent as they could in the short three month "summer" period, mapping and recording magnetic data. Magnetometers show anomalies in the Earth's magnetism, i.e. if there is a "hollow" place under the surface ice or ground, it will show up on the meter. On the last of many "mapping" flights where all six planes went out, each on certain pre-ordained paths to film and "measure" with magnetometers, Admiral Byrd's plane returned THREE HOURS LATE. It was stated that he had "lost an engine" and had had to throw everything overboard except the films themselves and the results of magnetometer readings in order to maintain altitude long enough to return to Little America. This is most certainly the time when he met with representatives of the aryans and a contingent of nazis. The task force came steaming back with their data which then became classified "top secret". Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal retired and started to "talk". He was put in Bethesda Naval Hospital psychiatric ward where he was prevented from seeing or talking to anyone, including his wife! after a short while he was thrown out the window while trying to hang himself with a bedsheet. It was ruled a suicide, case closed. He was telling people about the underground aryan base.

Movies: The Secret Land:
Operation ”Highjump” & The UFO Connection !!
なんだか雑誌「ムー」の世界?or そう思うのは単なる無知?
Richard E. Byrd :
Peter Robbins - MJ12 and the Strange Death of James Forrestal :

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James Forrestal (10) The Truman Doctrine

James Forrestal 10
James Forrestal appointed by Truman 1947

The Truman Doctrine delivered 12 March 1947
before a Joint Session of Congress :Truman's Voice
The Truman Doctrine :
The Marshall Plan Speech :
The Marshall Plan :Speech :Video & Voice (mp3) :
The Marshall Plan:The original copy of the speech :
Kennan’s “X” Plus Fifty:
George F. Kennan : Wikipedia
参照:The Marshall Plan Myth
参照:History News Network
The Truman DoctrineからMarshall Planが形になる過程で、その本質が変質している。自殺であれ他殺であれ、Forrestalが利用され、疎んじられていく過程が見える気がする。同じ視点の資料がない。あっても光の方向が違う(上の参照も)。
たいていの教科書はこの辺のところだ。The Marshall Planは国際連合と同じで(動いた人物まで部分的に重なっている)、甘く衣の分厚いテンプラで中身は見極められていない。どのような意図でどのように調理され衣が付いたのかも検証されていない。
The Truman Doctrine, The Marshall Plan,Dean Acheson ,Alger Hiss,Clark M. Eichelberger,George Marshall,...等を完全に別の視点で見るためにも、ゼロから再検証しなければならない。マーシャルプランひとつをとっても、新しい歴史教科書を必要とするのは、アメリカも同じかもしれない。


なんだか随分核心を外した書き方をしていると自分で気付いた。ここで言いたいのは、The Truman Doctrine は実はForrestalの発案で、あっという間にそれを変形してThe Marshall Planが構想されたと言うことだ。名前はMarshall,大部分はAcheson(&Alger Hiss)、Marshall Plan実行委員会を立ち上げ、ダブルエンジンとなって遂行したのは、(信じられないかもしれないが)Alger Hiss、とClark M. Eichelbergerであったということだ。ついでに言うとMarshallはこれで、1953年ノーベル平和賞を受賞している。The Truman Doctrineはanti-communismであるがThe Marshall Planの内容は決してanti-communismではない。ここがトリックなのだ。そのトリックに自分ではまってしまったのが、Alger Hissの朋友Clark M. Eichelbergerである。これが証拠だ。Alger HissがThe Marshall Planのためにいかに尽力したかが分かる証拠だ。偽証罪で被告席に立っているAlger Hissの疑いを晴らすために駆けつけたEichelbergerはこう証言する。

Eichelberger testified that he, former Secretaries of War Robert Patterson and Henry L. Stimson, and Hiss had formed the Committee to Aid the Marshall Plan to garner popular support for the bill.

国連とThe Marshall Planの成立はツーとカーなのだ。何のことだと思われる方は以下を参照してください。
Tel Quel Japon過去記事:Alger Hissと国連ー1
Tel Quel Japon過去記事:Alger Hissと国連ー2
Tel Quel Japon過去記事:Alger Hissと国連ー3

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James Forrestal (9) 初代国防長官への道

James Forrestal 9
Secretary of the U.S. Navy, James Forrestal (right), and Vice Admiral W.H.P. Blandy (left), commander of the joint Army-Navy Task Force 1, watch the atom bomb explode over bikini lagoon, from the bridge of the U.S.S. Mt. McKinley.1946

Navy Secretary Watching Atomic Bomb Test

Gallery of U.S. Nuclear Tests
Nuclear Issues
Operation Crossroadsのターゲットにされた戦艦長門:
参照:戦艦長門の一生戦艦長門 米軍引渡し戦艦長門(2)
追記:2009年8月6日 戦艦長門 軍艦旗 :

1946年7月のOperation CrossroadsにはAbleとBakerと呼ばれるものがある。日本版 BAKERテストの映像

また1954年のOperation Castle, Bravo Testに巻き込まれて日本の漁船第五福竜丸が被爆した。(第五福竜丸:映画
参照: Ben Shahn: The Lucky Dragon Incident:

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James Forrestal (8): MJ 12

We are not alone. 44:57 =We are not alone. 44:57

Forrestal & Mj12

First Victim of the Cover-up: James Forrestal
From Truman to Forrestal: Please read this paper.
Majestic Twelve: Perfect Page:
The Majestic Documents:
The death of James Forrestal & MJ12 :


参照:MJ12 UFO 地球外生物 :

The United Nations and UFOs
No.1 & No.2 & No.3 & No.4 &

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James Forrestal (7) Operation Artichoke

Code Name Artichoke
(CIA Secret Experiments On Humans)
Operation Artichoke: Dr. Frank Olson and the CIA
Dr. Frank OlsonはJames Forrestalと同じ死に方、殺され方をした人物として、どちらか一方の死が話題になると必ずもう一方の死が登場する。それほど状況が似ている。何故殺されたか、一方を探れば、もう一方の死が解明できるのではないかと、考えられている。
(Operation ArtichokeとJames Forrestalとの直接の関係は無い)

参照:The Defenestration Trilogy 
Frank Olsonが主人公のオペラ
参照:Timeline of A Mysterious Universe
参照:Mind Controllers
参照:Monarch One 45min

Project BLUEBIRD : 映画制作
Project MKULTRAVideoMKULTRA 1950's (#7)
Tel Quel Japon 過去記事: Forrestalの死に関連して
Tel Quel Japon 過去記事: Forrestalの死に関連して
Tel Quel Japon 過去記事: Forrestalの死に関連して

上の最初の映像と重なるかもしれないが,今日改めてCIA: Secret ExperimentsをYou Tubeで見てFrank Olsonの死がJames Forrestalの死とあまりにも似ているので驚いている。これを見る限り、James Forrestal他殺説が俄然真実味をおびてきた。Forrestalは口封じのために殺された、と思ってほぼ間違いないだろう。
CIA: Secret Experiments Part 1/5
CIA: Secret Experiments Part 2/5
CIA: Secret Experiments Part 3/5
CIA: Secret Experiments Part 4/5
CIA: Secret Experiments Part 5/5

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James Forrestal (2) Nightingale

2-Nightingale: The Last Days of James Forrestal :
A new chamber opera by Evan Hause
James Forrestalの死は2002年新作オペラとしてかなり忠実に舞台化されている。
Forrestal's last written statement was part of a poem from Sophocles' tragedy Ajax
James Forrestalは死の少し前にソフォクレスの「アイアス」を書き写していたとされる。
...No quiet murmur like the tremulous wail
Of the lone bird, the querulous nightingale...
Nightingale 1 - Opening
N'gale 2 - Bethesda
N'gale 3 - Pauline 1
N'gale 4 - Mr. Short
N'gale 5 - Raines (1)
N'gale 6 - Raines (2)
N'gale 7 - Souers
N'gale 8 - Raines (3)
N'gale 9 - Bikini Atoll
N'gale 10 - Act Two
N'gale 11 - Truman 1
N'gale 12 - Truman 2
N'gale 13 - Pauline 2
N'gale 14 - Ajax

筆跡がForrestalのものではないと言う検証: (Forrestalの筆跡

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James Forrestal (1)



1-The Death of James Forrestal

さて、戦後処理に関して米国内での綱引きを眺めている過程で、最初に私の興味を引いた人物がJames Forrestalである。
Wikipedia : James Forrestal:
参照1:You Tube: 知りすぎた男James Forrestal:
参照2:Who Killed James Forrestal? 読み応えがありすぎる。
参照4:James Forrestal Biography: 自殺と仮定すれば、このBioでその原因はなかば判定できる。(深く調べる過程で、TrumanによるDouglas MacArthurの更迭、Joe MacCarthyの米マスコミに於ける急激な人気失墜、John及びRobert Kennedyの暗殺等の詳細・真相に各資料がどんどんリンクしていった。引き込められると筆が暴走するだけなので、興味津々のワクワクものの資料だが、そのすべてを無視することにする。戦争の揺り戻しのような混沌とした時代背景であったということだけを書くに留めておく。いつか書くときは縺れた糸を解きテーマを細分化して各々独立した光をあてるつもりでいる。)
参照5:MJ12 the Strange Death of James Forrestal :UFOs (続きがないのは残念なことだ)
参照6:日本ではほとんど語られることはないがJames Forrestalは日本でもよく知られているMJ12のメンバーだった。極秘UFO研究組織MJ12.

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James Forrestal (6) Forrestal Disaster

6-Forrestal Aircraft Carrier Explosion
Watch1 : Forrestal Disaster-Aircraft Carrier Explosion
Watch2 : Forrestal Disaster-Aircraft Carrier Explosion
The tragic fire: July 29, 1967: Text 1 : Text2
James Forrestalの名を冠した空母の大惨事を見ていただいた。一般人には想像も出来ないカタストロフィーだ。James Forrestalの無念が引き起こした大惨事なのか、メッセージなのか?
James Forrestalの名を冠した空母に関して日本語英語の解説を読んでみよう。(10:50ごろ、電気回路のショートで F-4 ファントム IIから発射されたズーニー・ロケット弾がジョン・マケイン海軍少佐のA-4 スカイホークに当たった)とあるがこのマケイン海軍少佐こそ、2008年の大統領選挙でオバマに敗れた共和党の大統領候補だったJohn McCainである。余談になるが彼はこの後北ベトナムで5年半に渡って虐待を含む捕虜生活を体験している。
( John McCain Vietnam War POW )
James Forrestalの名はフォレスタル級航空母艦という言葉の中にも残っている。どんなものか日本語英語の解説を見てみよう。

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James Forrestal (4) Photo

James Forrestal
Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, USN, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, and Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN (left to right)
The Navy Department, Washington, D.C., on 21 November 1945, as it was announced that FAdm. Nimitz would succeed FAdm. King as Chief of Naval Operations.

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James Forrestal (3)

Iwo Jima James Forrestal
3-James Forrestal travelled to the Iwo Jima.
3-1945年2月James Forrestal海軍長官硫黄島実戦視察(驚くべきことだ!よりによって硫黄島とは!)ForrestalはD-Dayにも現場に赴いている。

You Tube: Iwo Jima :
You Tube : Flags Over Iwo Jima : Text:
参照:Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers Text1Text2

The significance of the Iwo Jima operation, the first US ground assault on Japanese soil, was widely recognized in advance. Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal had travelled to the Pacific from Washington to watch the unfolding of the largest operation in United States Naval history.
On the morning of February 23rd, Forrestal was accompanying V Amphibious Corps Commander Lieutenant General Holland M. “Howlin’ Mad” Smith to the beachead. Their landing craft had just touched shore, when the first flag went up atop the volcano. As the Marines around them cheered, Forrestal turned to General Smith, and observed: “Holland, the raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next five hundred years.”
Recognizing the historical significance of the colors waving in the distance, Forrestal also asked General Smith to see to it that the flag then flying atop Mount Suribachi be replaced, and the original brought back to him for preservation in the nation’s capital.

memorial Iwo Jima
At 8 a.m., on Feb. 23, a patrol of 40 men from 3rd Platoon, E Company, 2nd Battalion, 28th Marines, led by 1st Lieutenant Harold G. Schrier, assembled at the base of Mount Suribachi. The platoon's mission was to take the crater at Suribachi's peak and raise the U.S. flag.
The platoon slowly climbed the steep trails to the summit, but encountered no enemy fire. As they reached the top, the patrol members took positions around the crater watching for pockets of enemy resistance as other members of the patrol looked for something on which to raise the flag.
At 10:20 a.m., the flag was hoisted on a steel pipe above the island. This symbol of victory sent a wave of strength to the battle-weary fighting men below, and struck a further mental blow against the island's defenders.
Marine Corps photographer Sergeant Lou Lowery captured this first flag raising on film just as the enemy hurled a grenade in his direction. Dodging the grenade, Lowery hurled his body over the edge of the crater and tumbled 50 feet. His camera lens was shattered, but he and his film were safe.
Three hours later another patrol was dispatched to raise another, larger flag. The battle for Iwo Jima is encapsulated by this historic flag raising atop Suribachi, which was captured on film by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal. His photo, seen around the world as a symbol of American values, would earn him many awards including the 1945 Pulitzer Prize.
Over the years, the flag raising has come to symbolize the spirit of the Corps to all Marines. On Nov. 19, 1954, a bronze monument of the flag raising, sculpted by Felix de Weldon and located near Arlington National Cemetery, was dedicated to all Marines who have given their lives in defense of their country.
と言うわけで、Iwo Jimaはすべてのアメリカ海軍の戦闘の象徴となっている。海軍長官James Forrestalが自ら赴き、その現場でこう発言したからだ。 “Holland, the raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next five hundred years.”(あの旗は向こう500年間の海兵隊の象徴だ)

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